Ltd. ''Jēkabpils PMK''

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Legal data

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  2. 18.05.1993


Ltd. ''Jēkabpils PMK '' is engaged in performance, management and supervision of construction works, building construction design and building construction project management, road, street and square construction and construction supervision, river hydraulic structures construction, management and supervision, water supply, sewerage, heating and ventilation system construction, management and construction supervision. In the company has been introduced quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and environmental management system ISO 14001:2004.

Useful information


Work performance and construction supervision, designing, general construction,
heat supply, heat supply system installation, water supply, water supply
system montage, sewerage, sewerage system installation, excavation
works, finishing works, construction machinery its rental, reinforced
concrete products, well curbs, well curbs, covering slabs, foundation
slabs, support ring, foundation block, support ring production, trade,
reinforced concrete products, concrete and mortar sales, delivery to
the subject, cobblestone production, concrete paving stone production,
construction, renovation, reconstruction, construction works, house
construction, home construction, private house construction, construction
of hangars, public and industrial building construction, construction
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house repair, house repairing, house repairs, apartment house renovation,
sewerage installation, sewerage construction, rain water drainage,
rain sewerage, concreting works, concreting, finish, paving, paving,
paving works, paving installation, track installation, area construction,
digging works, construction site preparation, stonework, bricklaying,
masonry works.