"A 5", SIA, asphalt concrete and bitumen emulsion

"A 5", SIA, asphalt concrete and bitumen emulsion


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  4. 2018
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* ASFALTBETONA and BITUMENA production, sale, sales * "A 5" SIA specializes in the production of emulsion road building materials - asphalt concrete, in the production of bitumen emulsion. The plant can produce both asphalt concrete, chip mastic asphalt and asphalt with asphalt (recirculated) additives. The company owns the most up-to-date asphalt concrete plant "UltiMAP 4000" with a maximum capacity of 320 tons per hour and an annual total capacity of 350,000 tons. Cold repairsFalt, cold asphalt. Asphalt plant. Transport concrete, Transport concrete production, delivery. 


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(clot) additives. Asphalt concrete with various brands of asphalt wearing course,
Asphalt concrete with coupling and foundation layers. Shivers, woodchip,
(various factions). Sand, sand. Siftings. We produce asphalt. Concrete,
ready-mixed concrete production and trade. Asphalt concrete, Ready-mixed concrete,
transport concrete delivery, bitumen emulsion engineering, bridge,
tunnel, road and railway overpass construction, reconstruction, maintenance,
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Asphalt thermos, thermo asphalt containers, thermo container services,
emulsion spraying, asphalt thermo container with operator.

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