"Civeta", Ltd.

"Civeta", Ltd.


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Legal data

  1. 40103349785
  2. LV40103349785
  3. Rēzeknes nov., Audriņu pag., Vusari, "Flora", LV-4611
  4. 2016
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SIA "Civeta" started its operations in 2010. The company provides construction and repair services to the territory of Latvia both to individuals and legal entities. The main thing that characterizes SIA "Civeta" is the experience, positive feedback and timeliness. 


Finishing works, finish. Concreting works, concreting, concrete floors,
concrete floor decking, floor concreting, floor concreting, foundation concreting,
foundation construction, foundations. Construction and repair works,
construction works, construction, house construction, home construction,
repair works, house repair, flat repair, refurbishment of apartments,
repair. Dismantling works, building demolition, dismantling. Facades,
facade insulation, facade finish, house facades. Tiles, tiling works,
tiles, tiling works, tiling, tiling, wall tiling, floor tiling, bathroom tiling.
Estimate, cost estimates, cost estimates preparation, construction costs,
construction work cost, construction cost estimates, construction costs,
construction work cost, construction estimates, construction work costs,
construction work estimate, repair work estimate, repair work costs,
repair costs, repair cost estimate. Roof works, materials, coverings,
roof works, roof works. roof, roofs, roof repair, roof repair, roof replacement,
roof covering, roof coatings, roof covering, roof covering change,
change of roof cover, roof decking, roof replacement, roof materials,
roof structure, roof structure. Wood-frame panel houses, timber frame house,
wooden house, wooden houses, frame house, frame houses, wood panel house,
wood-frame house construction, wood-carcass house construction, panel house.
Services, works. Insulation works, materials, insulation works, house insulation,
home insulation, building insulation, building insulation, wooden house insulation,
wall insulation, insulation materials, insulation costs. Tinsmith works,
metal roof, metal roofs, tin roof. Partition walls, partition wall,
partition wall construction.

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