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"Fan", Heating equipment center, Ventspils 15, Rīga, LV-1002 : companies :

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Viadrus wood-fired boilers U22 and U26
Combined wood-burning and pellet boiler Fanda
Cast iron radiators Kalor
Pellet central heating fireplace Commo
Heating radiators Korad
Pellet burners
Underfloor convectors LICON
Ekoplastik pipes and fittings for heating and water pipe
Caleffi underfloor heating equipment
Heating equipment center  FAN
Combined water heaters - boilers
Kitchen wood stoves
Moderator wood and pellet boiler
Cast iron radiators
Pellet boiler Biopel Line
Fireplace with heat-accumulating stones


  1. +371 67615034
  2. +371 29485059

Working time

  • Sun-
  • Mon900-1800
  • Tue900-1800
  • Wed900-1800
  • Thu900-1800
  • Fri900-1800
  • Sat1000-1400


Legal data

  1. 40003099626
  2. LV40003099626
  3. "SEB banka", Jūrmalas filiāle
  4. LV71UNLA0010007467217
  5. 05.11.1992
  6. Rīga, Ventspils iela 15, LV-1002

BIS.GOV.LV information

  1. Siltumapgādes, ventilācijas un gaisa kondicionēšanas sistēmu būvdarbu vadīšana
  2. 2714-RA
  3. Aktīvs


SIA "Fan" is a joint venture between Latvia and the Czech Republic, which is engaged in the retail, wholesale and installation of heat engineering, heating and water supply products, founded in 1992. The company represents over 20 manufacturers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Italy and Lithuania, which allows optimal balance of quality and price, as well as optimal solution for each client. SIA "Fan" has about 150 cooperation partners all over Latvia - assembly companies; building materials, heating and plumbing goods stores. In addition to the sale of heating equipment, heating equipment and water supply equipment, the company also offers design services, assembly of equipment, warranties and post-guarantee repairs or servicing. Leasing is available. 


Heating systems, Heating boilers, Heat engineering
Heating boilers. Firewood heating boilers. Pellet heating boilers.
Combined heating boilers. Woodchip boilers. Cast-iron boilers. Viadrus boilers.
Industrial wood burners. Pellet burners. Rotary pellet burners. Self-cleaning
granule burners. Pellet tanks. Automation for pellet boilers. Regulation
for pellet boilers. Tech automatics. Heating radiators. Cast iron radiators.
Viadrus radiators. Korad radiators. Underfloor convectors. Convectors with fan.
Design radiators. Section radiators. Towel dryers for heating and hot water.
Pellet fireplaces. Granule fireplaces for air heating. Pellet fireplaces
for central heating. Commo granule fireplaces. Granular air blowers.
Air blowers. Air curtains. Cooking stoves. Wood-burning stoves. Wood
stoves for central heating. Kalvis cookers. Furnaces. Bathhouse furnaces.
Fireplaces. Wood-burning fireplaces. Water heaters. Boilers. Electric water heaters.
Tatramat boilers. Combined water heaters. Water fast heaters. Solar boilers.
Solar systems. Solar panels. Solar collectors. Heating pipes. Ppr pipes.
Fiber tubes. Basalt tubes. Ekoplastik pipes. Heating equipment. Heating systems.
Heat engineering. Accumulation tanks. Circulation pumps. Expansion vessels.
Valves. Valves. Heat exchangers. Heated floors collectors. Flues.
Chimneys. Heating system installation. Assembly. Boiler installation.
Boiler replacement.