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"Krimelte Latvia", Ltd., Katlakalna 11c, Rīga, LV-1073 : companies :

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Finishing materials
Facade slabs
Facade decoration
Trim plates
Tempsi Granito, Finishing materials
Tempsi Colore, decoration plates
Tempsi Colore, facade slabs
Tempsi Zoccolo, finishing decoration board
Cetris Akustic, sound insulation plates
Cetris Akustic, Acoustic plates
Cetris Basic, Cement chipboard
Cetris Basic, Finishing boards
Cetris Finish,Interior and exterior decoration plates
Cetris Finish, Cement chipboard
Cetris Profil Finish, Final decoration plate
Cetris Profil Finish
Cetris PDB, Floor plates
Cetris Plus, Fireproof slabs
Cetris Profil
Cetris Lazur
Penosil Foam
Penosil Polyurethane foam
Penosil Construction foam
Penosil Construction foam
Penosil EasyGun
Penosil Silicone sealant
Penosil Acrylic sealant
Penosil Bituminous sealant
Penosil Polyurethane seals
Penosil Construction adhesives
Penosil PVA Wood glue
Penosil Mounting glue
Penosil Epoxy adhesive
Penosil Waterproofing mastic
Penosil The bottom
Penosil Wood oil
Penosil Bath enamel

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Legal data

  1. 40003711498
  2. LV40003711498
  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV75HABA0551008574922
  5. 16.11.2004
  6. Rīga, Katlakalna iela 11 k-1, LV-1073


Krimelte Ltd. is a manufacturing company located in the capital of Estonia and specializes in the production of joint sealants and insulating foams. The company was founded in 1994, and production in Estonia began in 1998. Krimelte rapidly developed from a retailer to one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. To date, our market covers 40 countries, from the EU to Japan. The most successful brands are PENOSIL, REMONTIX and TEMPSI. Due to the harsh climatic conditions in Estonia, we have set particularly high quality standards for our products. We are constantly working on quality and introducing new products. The large number of professionals among end users proves that we can guarantee the best quality, service and prices. IF YOU DO IT ONCE, THEN WITH PENOSIL! 


Penosil, Construction assembly foam, acrylic sealants, pistol foam sealants,
waterproof glue, heat-resistant products, tools, silicones, foam guns,
greenhouse silicones, vacuum lifts, facade plates, Cetris, Tempsi,
Tempsi Granito, plinth plates, Amroc, fireproof plate, chip cement plates,
floor plates, diffusion tapes for windows, self-expandable tapes,
deformation tapes. Stone processing, road and bridge construction,
repair, maintenance, furnaces, fireplaces, paints, varnishes, glass and its articles,
glazed facades, fire-fighting equipment and materials, wholesale of finishing materials,
sale of finishing materials, waterproofing materials and services,
concrete protection, construction material and building structure trade,
finishing materials, facade finishing materials, facades, materials for facade,
facade materials, exterior wall finishing materials, facade finish,
facade decoration plates, decoration materials for exterior walls,
facade finishing panels, facade plates, home decoration materials,
trim panels, sound insulation plates, sound-proofing, sound insulation plates,
cement chipboards, cement chipboard, cement plates, cement plates,
cement plate floors, industrial floors, floor plates, floor plates,
floors, floor covering, flooring surfaces, floor, concrete slabs,
concrete slabs, concrete panels, concrete floors, construction chemicals,
assembly foam, construction foams, window installation tapes, polyurethane foam,
foam guns, easygun, sealant, sealants, silicone, acrylic, acrylic sealant,
silicone sealant, joint filler, joint fillers, filler, fillers, glue,
adhesives, PVA adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, wood glue, glue for wood,
linoleum adhesive, parquet glue, glue for linoleum, glue for parquet,
glue guns, adhesive gun, mounting adhesive, rubber adhesive, construction adhesive,
epoxide, epoxy resins, epoxy, epoxy putty, surface treatment, waterproofing,
waterproofing materials, waterproofing in bathroom, waterproofing for concrete,
bathroom waterproofing, waterproofing for bathroom, primers, primers,
wood oil, oil for tree, bath enamel, bath enamel renewal, bathroom renovation.

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