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The company is engaged in the production and assembly of aluminum-glass structures, as well as in the trade of PVC windows. The company employs people with 20 years of experience in this field. Our constructions have been exported and installed in Sweden, France, Russia, Germany, Estonia, Switzerland, Finland. 


Sliding systems, aluminum panels, crane sun guards, window, door systems,
glazed facades, glass articles, partition walls, winter gardens,
aluminum construction production, aluminum structure assembly, glass
structure preparation, glass structure production assembly, assembly,
PVC windows, PVC window trade, PVC structures, PVC construction installation,
aluminium windows, aluminum structures, window production, delivery,
aluminum glazed structure production, aluminum exterior doors, glazed partitions,
glass assembly, glazed small roof production, fully glazed walls,
glass railings, full glass constructions, roofs, showers, aluminum glazed facades,
tempered glass constructions, plastic windows, plastic windows, windows and doors,
PVC doors, plastic windows, windows PVC, glass double-glazed windows,
glass constructions, glass, glass doors, glass partitions, glass walls,
glass wall, full glass railings, fully glazed doors, fully glazed roofs,
full glass systems, glazed terraces, glazed facades, glazed verandas,
glazed canopies, glazed structures, glazed doors, glazed outbuilding,
glazed facade, glazed exterior doors, glazed interior doors, tempered glass railings,
tempered glass door, tempered glass partitions, toughened glass roof,
aluminium winter gardens.

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