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Mārtiņa tire service started in the seemingly distant 2006. Back then it was in the size of a small garage. Seemingly small, but very ambitious. Now we are a little grown up and already offer our customers something more. We work for Jelgava residents and for other people who comply with our core values. 


Car tyre service. Tyres. Summer, winter tyres. Used, new tyres, wheels,
(metal, cast) assembly, balancing, repair, disc repair, service.
In high season we work without days-off. Tyre trade, sale of tyres,
tyres and wheels, tyre service, tyre repair, tyres used, restored,
tyre change, tyres for passenger cars, tyres summer, tyres, tyre service,
tyre change, tyre assembly, tyre-change, tyre center, tyre-repair,
tyre balancing, tyre-service, car tyre service, winter tyres, car tyres.
Conditioner refilling, car conditioners, car air-conditioner, wheel alignment,
toe-in, wheel geometry, wheel geometry adjustment. New motorcycle tires.
Scooter, moto tires. Car tyres, car tires in Jelgava, car tires in Zemgale,
tire change in Jelgava, new tires jelgava, new tires in Jelgava,
used tires in Jelgava, tyres in Jelgava, tyre change, cleats, studded tyres,
studded tyres, all-season tyres, universal tyres, car tyre service,
metal wheels, alloy wheels, wheel balancing, tire balancing in Jelgava,
wheel geometry checking. Tyre campaign, summer tyre campaign, winter tyre campaign,
cheap tyres, cheap summer tires, summer tires in Jelgava, winter tires in Jelgava,
summer, winter, cheap summer tires, cheap winter tires, tires for summer conditions,
tires for winter conditions, tire discount, tire discounts Jelgava,
car wheels, safe tires, durable tires, qualitative tires, vulcanization,
tyre vulcanization.


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