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"Smiltnieki", JSC, Tērvetes 85b, Jelgava, LV-3008 : companies :

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Well curbs
Concrete curbs
Pavement manufacturing
Pavement production plant
Concrete pavement
Road curbs
Road street edges
Concrete products

Working time

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  • Mon800-1700
  • Tue800-1700
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Legal data

  1. 30.09.1991
  2. Jelgava, Tērvetes iela 85B, LV-3008
  3. 2019
  4. 30.09.1991


Was founded in 1991 and spheres of activity are concrete and reinforced concrete product manufacturing. In 1993 was started paving, expanded clay wall block, well-curbs and other concrete product manufacturing. Pavement, road and sidewalk curbs, expanded clay blocks, curbs, etc. are produced from the corresponding concrete mixture with vibropressing method. This method allows you to get the exact geometric shapes, the desired compressive and frost resistance. In manufacturing are used certified local materials, binder - cement and fillers- washed sand. Products are prepared, with or without color pigments. Manufactured products are environmentally clean and widely applicable. 


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