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Elvijs Šteins, individual worker, Rīga : companies :
Elvijs Šteins, individual worker

Elvijs Šteins, individual worker

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Choose the "ESTRICH" technological solution, the floor covering will be smooth, even and durable. It is suitable for both residential and industrial buildings and new buildings. Estrich (semi-dry concrete floor). Estrich floor is made of high quality gravel, binders and cement in a ratio of 1: 5. The mixed mass is transported to the room where the new floor is made by means of a compressor. About 200-250 m2 of floor can be concreted during the day. Depends on the thickness of the concrete. Floor leveling is performed with a laser level, and the permissible error per 100 m2 is up to 0.2 mm. During sanding, the concrete floor is divided into sections of approximately 35 m2 to avoid unwanted cracks. The floor is sanded with a special sander for concrete floors. The recommended full drying cycle for concrete floors is 28 days. 


Floor screed. Heated floors. Estrich floors. Concrete floors. Industrial floors.
We make floor pie from A to Z..

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