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"Tenttex", Ltd., "Rūpnieki", Siguldas p., Siguldas n., LV-2150 : companies :

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Industrial gates, gates made of tent
Tent canopies, trade awnings
Tent hangars
Product manufacturing from PVC vinyl materials
Car tents, car trailer covers
Car tents, tent constructions
Canopies and awnings
Pergolas and awnings
Marquis and canopies for terraces
Tent products for industrial and agricultural objects
Curtains indoor
Pool covers
Bobsleigh covers
Bobsleigh cover
Farm curtains
Dome 6m
Dome without roof
Awning in Riga
Strip curtains
Tent NBS
Terrace in Berlin
Terrace in Berlin
Terrace in Berlin
Terrace in Jurmala
Terrace Pilsmuiža
Stencil cutting


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Legal data

  1. 40103772342
  2. LV40103772342
  3. Siguldas nov., Sigulda, Televīzijas iela 1, LV-2150
  4. 2018
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"TentTex" is a textile processing company. The products are manufactured using high quality EU-produced and certified materials, PVC tent vinyl, tarpaulin, acrylic and nylon, and other technical fabrics with a wide selection of tones and properties that are handled by sewing, gluing, melting, dyeing and printing. Other used materials include foam rubber, zip fasteners, trim strips, as well as high quality tent fittings. 


Tents, tent production, awning sewing, tents, car tents, car tent repair,
tents for trailers, trailer tents, tents for semi-trailers, boat tents,
tents for boats, ship tents, tents for ships, tent canopies, tents canopies,
covers, pool covers, tents covers, tents for construction, tent hangars,
banners, banner making, advertisement, banner making on tents, carcass repair,
building tents, tents for concrete protection, tents for concrete,
covers for construction, industrial tents, industrial curtains, strip curtains,
strip doors, PVC curtains, PVC strip curtains, industrial curtains,
industrial tents, tent repair, trade tent, inflatable tents, inflatable awnings,
3x3 tents, sheds, trade awnings, garden sheds, awnings, sunshades,
security shutters, STOBAG blinds gazebo, pop up, covers, parasols,
wind guards, terraces, inflatable advertising, promotional items,
visual advertising, outdoor advertisement, advertising stands, inflatable gates,
inflatable attractions, inflatable trampolines, sports equipment,
children's attractions, trampoline, trampolines, trampoline fabric repair,
Pvc fabrics, tent fabric, STOBAG, military tents, tent printing,
farm equipment, curtains for farms, ventilation curtains, hangars,
mini hangars, tent canopies, garden sheds, gazebos sheds, gazebos and canopies,
car sheds, summer canopies, prefabricated canopies, car canopies,
canopies project, shelters for cars, canopies construction, tents for car parking,
shelters for garden parties, custom-made canopies, shelters with sun protection,
garden gazebos, canopies sunshades, facade awnings, sheds for antechambers,
with weight protection, with wind gust protection, canopies tents.

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