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Andris Urbāns, individual practicing lawyer, Planīcas 1a, Kuldīga, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3301 : companies :

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A lawyer with long-term knowledge and work experience provides legal services to companies, firms, associations, farms, etc. ., as well as natural persons.
An incomprehensible, unclear and / or unresolved situation. Dispute, conflict, or any other confusion. Everything has its possible solution.


Civil law:
# Legal advice;
# Preparation of draft contracts and / or agreements, adjustments, risk assessment;
# Indemnification;
# Inheritance cases;
# Working with Debtors( advice in debt collection processes) ;
# Consumer protection;
# Insolvency of a natural person;
# Insolvency of a legal entity;
# any other things. Administrative law:
# Consultations( administrative violations, administrative acts, decisions of the institution) ;
# Submissions;
# Complaints;
# Explanations;
# Appeals. Litigation and representation of client's interests:
# Claim applications;
# Applications;
# Counterclaims;
# Explanations( claim, counterclaim, appeal, cassation) ;
# Appeals;
# Cassation complaints;
# Representation of the interest of a physical and / or legal person: courts, arbitral tribunals, public authorities.


Preparation of documents, correction, evaluation, provision of analytical information.
Identifying the situation, evaluating it, providing an opinion and an action plan.
Preparation of court documents, correction, evaluation, provision of analytical information.



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