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  3. Ostu un jūras hidrotehnisko būvju būvdarbu būvuzraudzība
  4. Ostu un jūras hidrotehnisko būvju būvdarbu vadīšana
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  7. Tiltu projektēšana
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Ltd. Rīgas tilti is a company with 25 years of great experience in transportation engineering structure and hydraulic structures design, construction and repair area. Our company's continuous improvement of competitiveness is based on the client's wishes identification and satisfaction. Over the past 23 years the company Rīgas tilti has participated in construction of 27 new facilities. 


Road and bridge designing, building, maintenance, bridge motion transmission
repair works, hydrotechnical structures, motion transmission, (embankment
strengthening) concrete products, concrete structure constructions,
embankment repair and construction works. bridges, overpasses construction,
repair, reconstruction, maintenance, tunnel construction, tunnel reconstruction,
tunnel repair, tunnel maintenance, embankment construction, embankment repair,
waterfront reconstruction, waterfront maintenance, machinery rental,
special equipment rental, specialized building materials trade.

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