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Ais un Ko, Tinsmith workshop, flues, J.Asara 13, Rīga, LV-1009 : companies :
Ais un Ko, Tinsmith workshop, flues

Ais un Ko, Tinsmith workshop, flues

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Certified chimneys
Tinsmith works in Riga
Chimney restoration
Chimney replacement
Stoves and fireplaces
Chimney construction, installation
Certified chimneys
Tinsmith works
Industrial chimneys
Industrial chimneys
Industrial chimneys
Furnace doors
Tin chimneys
Tin products
Tinsmith works Riga
Tinsmith works
Tinsmith works
Tinsmith works
Cast iron ovens
Cast iron ovens
Cast iron ovens
Cast iron ovens
Cast iron doors
Cast iron doors
Cast iron doors
Cast iron stove door
Cast iron stove door
Cast iron stove accessories
Cast iron cooker surfaces
Cast iron grate


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  4. Dmitrijs Ļisičkins


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  1. 40003421084
  2. LV40003421084
  3. "SEB Latvijas Unibanka", "Krasta" filiāle
  4. LV14UNLA0002029469926
  5. 30.11.1998
  6. Rīga, Jāņa Asara iela 13, LV-1009


LTD "AIS and Co" is a tinsmith workshop that has been successfully operating in the metal products industry for more than 20 years. Originally Ltd "AIS and Co" specialized in the production of chimney modular systems, currently the company offers an expanded range of products: manufactures both standard goods and non-standard metal products of any complexity, according to your special needs. Orders are executed by experienced tinsmiths who have been operating in this industry since the company was founded. The company focuses on individual approach to customers, fast and high-quality order fulfillment.


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metal, roll roofing, roof gutters, gully, roof drainage systems,
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Tinning works, tinsmith, drains, waste-pipes. Flues, ( chimneys) from stainless steel, manufacture of ceramic chimneys,
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Cast iron products, cast iron doors, cast iron cooker surfaces,
stove, doors, bolts, ( bedpans) ovens, pans.
Furnace casings. Cast iron ovens, cast iron grates. Ceramic chimneys.