"Dzinno 500", Individual merchant

"Dzinno 500", Individual merchant


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  2. dzinno500@inbox.lv

Legal data

  1. 40002124682
  2. LV40002124682
  3. 15.01.2007
  4. Rīga, Vējavas iela 26, LV-1035


Our company, that has been operating in Latvia since 2007, provides the most progressive, fastest, safest and most convenient method for drilling and sawing with diamond cutting tools in such materials as concrete, reinforced concrete, brick and granite boulders. We carry out drilling and sawing in floors, walls, foundations, roofs, as well as other non-standard locations. 


Drilling, Diamond drilling.
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drilling in concrete, diamond drilling works, diamond holes, sawing in concrete,
diamond cutting, drilling with diamond saws, sawing with diamond saw,
concrete cutting, concrete cutting works, concrete wall sawing, concrete wall sawing,
reinforced concrete cutting, sawing in reinforced concrete, diamond wheels,
cutting with a diamond wheel, cutting in brick, brick cutting, cutting in granite,
granite sawing, wall sawing, sawing in walls. Dismantling, dismantling works,
demolition services, building demolition.

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