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Legal data

  1. 40003572293
  2. LV40003572293
  3. 19.01.2004
  4. Rīga, Mārcienas iela 1-55, LV-1035
  5. 2018


Cables, sockets, cable, insulation materials, bulbs, electric materials,
cables, cable, wires, trade of electric materials, switches, sockets,
wires, insulation materials, bulbs, lightning equipment, industrial plugs,
industrial sockets, cable nozzles, cable shoes, dowsing tips, shells,
distribution cabinets, meter boxes, thermotube, cable gloves, pipes,
corrugated, insulators, seals, installation, installation materials,
installation cables, wires, telecommunication cable, cables, tension members,
bonds, installation equipment, installation materials, relays,
lighting fixtures, spotlights, bulbs, lights, LED, mounts, lighting,
lighting equipment, clamps, connections, forks, automatics, fuses,
boxes, sensors, pressers, rods, tools for electricians, everything for electricians,
lightning protection, tape, rosette blocks, socket blocks, heating elements,
teni, heating, energo, rumbula, PCE, DRAKA, TRYTYT, ERGOM, H05, H07,
XPUJ, XPJ, OMY, NYM, CYKY, UTP, FTP, telecommunication cable, LED bulbs,
cables, electricity wires, power cables, cable prices, LED tapes,
electric wires price, electric cables ground, LED lighting, electric cables prices,
cable, cable cross section, cable cross section selection, cable selection by power,
economic light bulbs, electric wires for apartment, ceiling lighting,
electrical rewiring, cables and wires, electric wires and cables,
wires and cables, electrical wires. Soldering, soldering irons, soldering acid,
solder, solder station, navigation bulbs, lamps (for ships, ship)
measuring instruments, in millimeters, pliers, UNI-T, luksometer,
sapiselco, patron, forks, XENIUM, park and street lighting,
DALI insulators, transformers, water heaters, teni, tumblers, PROMFACTOR,

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