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KRASO Woodpainting, LTD, Kleistu 18C - 3, Rīga, LV-1067 : companies :

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Finishing of wooden boards
Painting wooden boards
Waxing of wooden boards
Plank painting

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KRASO Woodpainting - a reliable partner on your way to beautiful homes! We offer painting of boards, waxing, staining and impregnation.

We offer painting, waxing, staining and impregnation of boards.

Using world-class equipment, we industrially finish wooden boards, performing the process from A to Z - from the procurement of timber to the delivery of the finished product to the customer. We have one of the most modern lines for finishing wooden boards in the Baltics, which offers wood brushing, impregnation, staining, varnishing, as well as painting. Our more than 22 years of experience in the paint business allows us to choose the most suitable finishing solution.
We offer various board profiles and sizes, we provide a full cycle of board processing according to the customer's wishes. We recommend using only environmentally friendly water-based finishes, but we can also use solvent-based finishes as well as two-component finishes. We provide the finishing materials, but we also offer the opportunity to process the timber with the finishing material chosen by the customer.
Taking care of our customers' convenience, we ensure the collection, processing and return of timber from the customer.


We offer:

  • Full cycle board processing
  • Plank painting
  • Waxing the boards
  • Staining and impregnation of boards


Why choose industrially painted boards?

  • Quality - when painting with the machine, it is possible to get more even and high-quality painting, because the machine covers the entire length of the board evenly.
  • Speed - with the help of the equipment, a large volume of boards can be painted in a short time.
  • Costs - after considering all the resources and costs, we believe that painting industrial boards is more profitable for the customer, as it does not require additional labor and saves time.
  • Painting environment - painting takes place indoors, so we can provide a suitable environment for painting boards at any time of the year and in any weather.



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