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Legal data

  1. "Swedbank"
  2. LV10HABA0001408049716
  3. 04.05.1999
  4. Rīga, Krišjāņa Barona iela 136, LV-1012
  5. 2018


Company Ltd. "ŪdensBoss" in Latvian market has been working since 1999 with a corresponding previous experience in water treatment equipment market since 1993. We offer our clients different size and capacity water treatment equipment, water softeners, water iron-removal treatment equipment and water filters. From apartment and private house needs, ending with large capacity production and residential facilities and village municipal water supply. The company's work is based on an advanced technology and equipment using, high quality of work, quick execution of works and client's wishes awareness, warranty and post-warranty equipment maintenance. 


Water filters, Water deironing. Water treatment, water treatment equipment,
purification equipment, water purification systems, drinking water treatment plants,
water treatment plant maintenance, different size and power treatment plants,
CL, chlorine, chemicals for outdoor pools, pool chemicals, PH stabilization,
Ph stabilization means, evaluation of pool technical condition, pool evaluation,
reverse osmosis, RO equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, osmosis filter,
osmosis water filters, osmosis filters, reverse osmosis filter, reverse osmosis filters,
iron removal, iron remover, water deironing, iron removal equipment,
water iron removal appliances, iron removal equipment for private houses,
water softeners, water softening, water softening equipment, water softeners,
water softener, softening equipment, water softening equipment, softeners,
softener, filter, filters, water filters, water filters for apartments,
water filters for apartment, water filters for private houses, water
filters for large residential villages, water-filter, drinking water filters,
water purification filters, reagents for water treatment, reagents for water softening,
Manganese Greensand, Synthetic Greensand, KMnO4 reagent, water aeration,
ion exchange softeners, uV lamp sterilization equipment, carbon filters and systems,
pools, swimming pool, garden pools, outdoor pools, surface pools,
pool equipment, garden pool, pool chemicals, chlorine, chlorine for pools,
water treatment plant maintenance, water treatment equipment technical
condition assessment, consultations, instructions. Water analysis,
water analysis taking, drinking water analysis, water analysis laboratory,
water analysis, water test, water composition.

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