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4 Plus, LTD, Abula 6b, Valmiera, Valmieras nov. LV-4201 : companies :

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Timber company
Natural wood sound absorption panels
Buying logs
Timber company
Purchase of aspen logs
purchase of logs
wood finishing materials
Timber company


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"4PLUS" is a Latvian woodworking company. We specialize in aspen sauna materials. We offer sauna lava, wall panels, various types of cast wood profiles, high heat capacity chip briquettes and our latest addition - acoustic panels. We have been constantly working, learning and focusing on producing high quality wood materials.

Efficient use of wood materials is not just a matter of production efficiency, but also a way of paying tribute to the people who planted, clustered and harvested the forest. We use timber harvested under sustainable and responsible forestry in accordance with FSC and PEFC standards.

Purchase of sawn logs throughout Latvia.


Cladding materials of wood for walls and ceilings

High-quality aspen fittings are ideal for both traditional and modern living spaces for modern interior and exterior.

North-looking aspen wood is homogenous, lightly and finely painted and soft textures. Heat-treated aspen wood has a warm brownish tone, while tinted wood emits natural ascresis and elegance.


Acoustic wood wall panels of solid wood.

Our products for acoustic solutions are designed with solid wood slats, either on a solid wood frame or on a recycled FELT base in sizes 240x60cm and 280x60cm. You can choose between three colors: thermo - highlighted wood texture in brown tones, natural light white tone and anthracite - dark gray color.

& bull; Acoustic panels • Painted trim boards • Wall finishing boards • Ceiling trim boards • Sauna wall panels • Sauna bench boards • Painted wall panels • Wooden profiles and beams • Planed painted profiles • Purchase of sawn logs • We buy aspen saw logs • Wholesale of wood chip briquettes



Acoustic panels, Aspen saw logs.

Wood processing company in Latvia. Manufacture ceiling wall cladding boards. Manufacture of acoustic panels of design and interior wood. Interior solutions for commercial premises, for concert halls, for restaurants, for home interior design. Natural wood sound absorption panels. Purchase of aspen logs. Buying logs. Aspen. Cladding materials of wood for walls and ceilings. Solid wood veneer boards.