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Abi 2, LTD, Matīsa 8, Rīga, LV-1001 : companies :

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Visual advertising
Advertising on cars
Outdoor advertising
Outdoor advertisement
Visual advertising
Visual advertising
Flag poles
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Legal data

  1. 40003265778
  2. LV40003265778
  3. 15.09.1995
  4. Matīsa iela 8, Rīga, LV-1001
  5. 2021


LTD "Abi2" is an advertising company founded in 1995, which offers large-format printing and sublimation services, manufactures outdoor advertising, sports team uniforms, flags and flagpoles, as well as car wrapping. The company has more than 30 professional employees.


Ltd. ABI2 offers flagpoles, ( aluminum and fiberglass) flags,
fabric print, PVC banners, poster printing, stickers, plane-tables,
car wrapping, shop windows and showcases wrapping, production of light advertising, shirt print, embroidery, advertising stands.
Advertisement, visual advertising, outdoor advertisement, outdoor advertising, large format advertising,
video advertising, outdoor, advertising production, illuminated advertising,
illuminated boxes, illuminated letters, light poles, light pylons, light stands,
illuminated signs, large letters, dimensional letters, aluminium letters,
metal letters, brass letters, advertising displays, neon letters, neon advertising signs,
neon strips, neon stripes, neon lighting, neon, floodlighting,
light advertising assembly, hoist rental for advertising mounting,
hoist rental for advertising dismantling, hoist for advertising mounting,
hoist for advertising removing, advertisement installation, advertising dismantling,
advertising removal, repair of advertisement, neon repair, illuminated advertising repair,
light box repair, sticker repair, LED light diodes, Electronic displays,
outdoor clocks, indoor clocks, large-scale printing, large-format printing,
large-scale stickers, paper printing, printing on paper, printing on fabric,
sublimation, solvent printing, solvent print, printing on film, printing on adhesive film,
printing on self-adhesive, films, color posters, advertising on PVC,
photo print, photo printing, banners, banners, photo banners, large scale banners,
firewall advertising, advertising on firewalls, advertising on facades,
advertising on house walls, advertising on buildings, photo wallpaper, digital photo prints,
digital printing, posters, warning stickers, stickers, stickers,
self-adhesive films, full color printing, printing services,
photo wallpapers, reproduction printing, prints, posters, posters, different size posters,
width format printing, canvas, canvas, tekstila printēšana, thermal film printing,
material printing, UV-resistant printing, plastic printing, printing on adhesive film with contour cutting, pictures, photo printing, photos,
photo prints, painting prints, large-size photo printing,
adhesive photo prints, PVC mesh, perforated film, varnishing,
printing on vinyl film, photo varnishing, painting varnishing,
vinyl film, oracal, water-resistant printing, moisture-proof printing,
photo prints, floor graphics, floor stickers, stickers on the floor,
small print runs, medium lots, photo enlargement,
tent, advertising on tents, tent wrapping, tent, stickers on the tent,
plane-tables, signs, advertising boards, advertising signs,
plastic plates, metal plates, house number plates,
street name plates, house numbers, street names, road signs,
direction signs, road signs, construction blackboards, advertising stands,
advertising stands, street stands, advertising stands, information stands,
folding stands, dynamic stands, roll up stands, roll - up stands,
rool stands, exhibition stands, stand decoration,
advertising stand, advertising on cars, car wrapping, motor vehicle,
wrapping, stickers on cars, car decoration, car films,
reflective films, earmars, lV stickers, car design,
car tent decoration with advertising, advertising on buses, show-window,
show-window wrapping, advertising in windows,
advertising shop-window decoration,
show-window decoration, large format advertising in shop windows, stickers on shop windows,
adhesive films, letters on shop windows, sandblast film, campaign design,
plotter works, plottering, plotter services, plotter cutting,
gluing, removal of old advertising, letters from adhesive films,
design, style, advertising design development, layout design, style design,
style package design, computer graphics, layout services, logo development,
logo design, advertising coordination, coordination in Riga City Construction Board,
coordination in RTD, shirt printing, t-shirt printing with photos,
promotional shirt printing, promotional advertising, photo on shirt, logotype printing on shirt,
t - shirts, children shirts, children's polo, ladies polo shirts, womens polo shirts,
polo, hotmark, t - shirts, company logo pressing, computerized pressing,
advertising on clothes, advertising on clothing, thermal print, reklāmdruka,
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fabric banners, fabric printing, all country flags, EU flag,
pennants, beaches, beach flag, flagpoles, stands, fiberglass poles,
plastic poles, installation of masts, flagpole repair, LV flag,
Latvian flag, European Union flag, Lithuanian flag, Estonian flag,
Flag of Russia, Belarus flag, Cuban flag, England's flag,
Great Britain's flag, Bulgarian flag, Finnish flag, Swedish flag,
French flag, Irish flag, embroidery, hat embroidery,
shirt embroidery, jacket embroidery, clothing embroidery, company logo embroidery,
embroidered clothing, workwear embroidery, flag embroidery,
embroidered flags, pennant embroidery, embroidered pennants, emblem embroidery,
promotional advertising souvenirs, logo embroidery, logo embroidery,
embroidered logo, towel embroidery, embroidered towels, embroidered promotional advertising,
patches, needlework, mugs, mug printing, magic mugs,
puzzles, mouse pads, logo on hockey pucks, hockey puck printing,
towel printing, umbrella, printing, umbrellas, ties,
scarves, scarves, metal badges, metal pins, printing services,
business cards, blanks, envelopes, stickers, booklets, booklet design,
flyers, flyers, corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard printing,
face masks, masks, protective shields,
shields, personal handle.
Hammocks. Polycarbonate greenhouses with aluminum frame.