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AIPLights, LTD, Professional LED lighting, lighting in the DIALUX program, spectrometer measurements, Viskaļu 22, Rīga, LV-1026 : companies :
AIPLights, LTD, Professional LED lighting, lighting in the DIALUX program, spectrometer measurements

AIPLights, LTD, Professional LED lighting, lighting in the DIALUX program, spectrometer measurements

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Facade lighting lefasalo
Facade lighting legaro
Facade lighting legaro
Facade lighting LEWALO
Facade lighting lewalo
Facade lighting lewalo
Linear lighting led lin walls
Linear lighting Linear 12W
Linear lighting linear 15w
Linear lighting blank 0001 RH W48
Track system LED, indoor lighting
Built-in adjustable honeycomb led light
Built-in led light anti-dazzle adjustable
15W linears led luminaire built-in with lenses
20,  24, 40W round track spotlight adjustable
36 W linears led light
65cm garden led light
200W high span led light
2020 zoomable dimmable cct track luminaire
Decorative pendant led lights
Decorative pendant led light
Gimbal white indoor built-in led lamp, indoor
Legaro 26
Lehbo 150
Leuno 1 31
Qube black indoor built-in led luminaires indoor
Rotating wall ceiling suspended led emergency light, exit
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  1. 40103463309
  2. LV40103463309
  3. Rīga, Viskaļu iela 22, LV-1026
  4. 2020
  5. 1


LED architecture - innovative and professional solutions for light objects of any complexity, which combine design, practicality, high quality and guarantee. LED room - Premium luminaire line reveals flowing and graceful lines that seamlessly fit into any interior, providing a cozy atmosphere and comfort.



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