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Aleksis M, LTD, portable bio toilets, Spilves 22 (3rd floor), Riga, LV-1055 : companies :
Aleksis M, LTD, portable bio toilets

Aleksis M, LTD, portable bio toilets

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Alexis M LTD biotoilets
Bio-toilet cabins
Portable toilet
Biotoilet Armal
Bio-toilet cabins Armal
Toilet cabin Armal
Bio-toilet cabin inside Armal
Toilet cubicle inside Armal
Disabled person toilet cabin Armal
Toilet cabin, intended for people with mobility impairments
Biotoilet for the disabled
Biotoilet cabin with sink
Bio-toilet cabin VIP
The cabin of the bio-toilet can be heated on the trailer
Toilet cabin( heated) on the trailer
Bio-toilet cabin TOYPEK
Bio-toilet cabins
LTD Aleksis M mobile fence
LTD Aleksis M mobile fence
LTD Aleksis M mobile fence
LTD Aleksis M mobile fence
Disinfection stand
Disinfection stand
Disinfection stand


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Legal data

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  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV41HABA0551002714115
  5. 02.01.2001
  6. 04.06.2004

About us

LTD "Aleksis M" is a company that deals with portable bio-toilets based on the German and American model. We offer a complex of the highest quality services in accordance with all hygiene requirements, which are determined by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. LTD "Aleksis M" offers to rent or buy biotoilets, and the service package includes their installation and maintenance. The cabins are made of moisture-resistant material. A big advantage is that biotoilets are easy to install and easy to transport. We look forward to a successful cooperation with you. We are flexible and practice an individual approach to each client. We are not the first, we are the best!



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  • Bio toilets, bio toilet
  • Bio-toilet cabins
  • Bio-toilet cabins( VIP) with a hand washing machine( sink)
  • Bio-toilet cabins( VIP PLUS) with a hand washing machine( sink)
  • Biotoilet cabins on a trailer
  • Bio-toilet cabin( heated) on the trailer
  • Bio-toilet cabin rental
  • Hand washing devices( sinks) rental
  • Biotoilet cabin sales
  • Hand washing devices( sinks) trade
  • Bio-toilet cabin service
  • Hand washing devices( sinks) service
  • Delivery, installation, transportation of the bio-toilet cabin
  • Hand washing devices( sinks) delivery, installation, transportation
  • Disinfection liquids for biotoilets( concentrate)
  • Scented discs for biotoilets
  • Garbage container rental
  • Hand disinfection stands



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