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  3. 08.04.2008
  4. Daugavpils, Mēness iela 18, LV-5413
  5. 2020


Retail store Weldrex in Daugavpils offers to buy goods for welding, industrial equipment, tools for metalworking, as well as work clothes and personal protective equipment.



Electric welding, welding, welding machines, devices, equipment,
transformers, inverters, rectifiers, semiautomatic devices, accessories.
Plasma cutting, contact point welding machines, threaded stud welding equipment. Gas welding, cutting, soldering,
heating installations, burner and cutting torch, cutter, air-propane burner,
rotameter, shielding gas, gas, propane, acetylene, oxygen,
carbonic acid, nitric, argon reducer, manometer, rubber, double,
fuel resistant hose, nozzle, nozzle, check valve. Welding,
cutting, melting, welding, repair materials,
electrodes, wire, flux coated rods, flux cored electrode,
coppered wire, bullet, borax. Materials unalloyed, stainless,
stainless, mild alloyed, carbon, instrumental, chromium-nickel,
manganese, boiler, ship, spring, galvanizer, self-hardening, heat resistant,
acid-resistant, rail, bridge steel, for titanium, aluminum alloys,
aluminum, brass, copper, bronze
, nickel, cast iron, tungsten,
soft solder, braze solder, silver bullet, plating, for welding, carving,
for hard alloy welding, for melting, soldering, coal and tungsten electrodes. Welding cable, accessories, spare parts,
mass clamp, electrode holder, furnace, stud. Spray anti-adhesion paste,
aerosol, liquid, protective fluid, cooling liquids,
zinc color, coding paste, gel, equipment. Industrial markers.
Welders templates, tongs. Abrasive disks, cutting wheels, wire brushes,
cutting and grinding discs, abrasive materials. Work safety means.
Welding, welder work safety equipment, Work clothes,
clothing, costume, jacket. Automatic mask, chameleon, glass,
glass filter, goggles, glasses, lenses, protective masks, sharpening shield,
helmet, face guard, suede apron, muffs, gloves,
skin, PVC, latex, knitted gloves, industrial ventilation equipment.
Steel with wear-resistant and shock-proof surface, Steel plates with a solid surface. Welding services. Battery charging equipment, device, charger, auto starter, starter,
booster. Waterproof work clothes, waterproof protective wear,
rubberized aprons, jackets, semi-overalls, overalls, pants,
raincoat, fishermen, fishermen, seafarers clothing and footwear,
fishing boots, signal costumes, acid-resistant clothing,
waterproof aprons for fish and meat processing. Gegik,
GeKa, Hilco, Welding alloys, Scherman, ESAB, TECNA, Pros, Telwin,
Taylor, Weldrex.