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AN meža serviss, LTD, Nākotnes 2 k.2-16, Gulbene, Gulbenes n., LV-4401 : companies :


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  3. Gulbenes nov., Gulbene, Nākotnes iela 2 k-2 - 16, LV-4401
  4. 2020
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AN MEŽA SERVISS deals with all types of building and house construction works, as well as their repair works. Laying of foundations, reinforcement, concreting. Interiors, plasterboard, tiling. In principle, we can offer the customer a full cycle construction service. Starting with the improvement of the territory and ending with the handing over of the finished house or building to the client. Off-site metal welding. Metal constructions. Of course there is an EU quality certificate. We free the territory from overgrowth, for which we can offer the customer payment for the chipping material, if the amount is large enough. Ground leveling works. We can work in any territory of Latvia.



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