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ANDYbūvserviss, LTD, Katlakalna 6b, Rīga LV-1073 : companies :

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ANDYbūvserviss, Ltd. hydro works
ANDYbūvserviss, Ltd. hydro works
ANDYbūvserviss, Ltd. earthworks
ANDYbūvserviss, Ltd. earthworks
ANDYbūvserviss, Ltd. concrete works
ANDYbūvserviss, Ltd. concrete works


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  5. 2021

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A professional team of construction managers, construction workers, quickly and qualitatively performs all types of construction work in the territory of Latvia. We perform hydraulic construction works, loyal approach to every client. When working with us, you choose quality, optimal working conditions, working with qualified and certified specialists.



River, lake support reinforcement with wooden poles and PVC materials.
Staple PU type walls, Larsen. Trench, pothole reinforcement.
Granite boulder laying. Equipment for crossing small rivers and lakes.
Excavation works. Territory improvement. Works with geosynthetic materials, ( geotextile, geogrid, geo-composites) . Metal, incorporation of wooden structures into the ground. Strengthening watercourse shores with Reno mattresses,
gabions, or with dolomite, primer. Construction of dams, strengthening of dams, construction of berths, culvert construction, shore protection with a metal corrugated wall, wooden piles, gobions,
Concrete construction works, concreting, construction of monolithic concrete foundations,
concrete walls, wall concreting, concrete columns, monolithic concrete coverings,
floor concreting, monolithic concrete floors( with reinforcement, or fibro) concrete floor polishing, concrete armpit construction, all types of concreting works, assembly of prefabricated concrete structures,
Dismantling works, dismantling, building demolition, house dismantling,
Excavation works, foundation trench digging, trench digging, construction pit consolidation( with corrugated metal walls or "berlin wall" )
land preparation works, mechanized digging, manual digging,
land removal, import of clay, mechanical compactor, soil compaction,
groundwater drainage, establishment of drainage systems, construction site drainage.
Masonry works, masonry work of all kinds, Expanded concrete blocks,
aerated concrete blocks, concrete blocks, "Columbia Kiwi", Shot blasting of metal structures, with sandblast, sandblasting of concrete structures, by shot blasting, concrete cleaning,
Construction machinery rental, excavator, damper CASJ


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