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Angava, LTD, Viļakas 18, Rēzekne LV-4604 : companies :

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trade of tools
hand tools
Tool shop
Tool shop in Rezekne


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Legal data

  1. 42403013392
  2. LV42403013392
  3. 03.12.2001
  4. 13.02.2004
  5. Viļakas iela 18, Rēzekne, LV-4604

Affiliated companies

  1. Viļakas 18, Rēzekne LV-4604
    +371 20223235

  2. Malta, Andrupenes 29, Maltas pagasts LV-4630
    +371 28080794

  3. Atbrīvošanas aleja 159, Rēzekne LV-4604
    +371 28669466

  4. Brīvības 66, Gulbene LV-4401
    +371 28080795


Instrument shops "Angava" .



Trade of electrical instruments in Rezekne, wholesale of electric tools in Rezekne, sale of pneumatic instruments in Rezekne, locksmith's tools in Rezekne, trade of cutting tools in Rezekne, abrasive tools, sale of construction tools in Rezekne, sale of protective equipment and measuring instruments in Rēzekne, sale of household goods in Rezekne, sale of garden equipment in Rēzekne. Electric tools. REBIR. Water pumps. Drill chucks. Soldering irons, ball head. Welding machine and accessories. Glue guns. Pneumatic tool and accessories. C-clamps. Hammers. Nail pullers. Chisels. Files. Scissors for metal. Rivet guns. Staple guns. Pliers, tongs, side pliers Tools for electricians. Keys, adjustable spanners, key sets. Tips. Screwdrivers. Tool boxes, bags. Lifts. Car supplies. Tools for working with glass. Drills and drill bits. Crown drills. Milling cutters. Tapping tools. Hand saws, saw blade. Compression. Plane. Sandpaper and holders. Rotoflex. Galodini. Cutting discs for metal. Cutting discs for concrete. Ceramic discs for grinding. Discs for sharpening. Sheet sanding discs. Diamond cutting discs. Circular saw. Metal brushes. Rope for cleaning the sewer. Brush brush. Buckets. Brushes. Rollers, trays. Kelle, fillers. Mixers. Guns for sealants. Wallpaper knives and scrapers. Tile cutter. Pencils. Adhesive tapes. Film. Gloves. Work clothes. Boots. Respirators. Goggles. Ear protector. Knee guards. Measuring tapes. Level gauges, steering wheel. Protractors and protractors. Locks. Blowtorches, gas cylinders. Fasteners. Lamp, bulbs. Thermometer, bags, covers, berry picker. Mouse trap, stake for cattle, chains. Extension cord. Kerr. Shovels, forks. Garden hoes. Rakes. Garden tools. Pruning-shears. scythe. Brushes and brooms. Wooden poles. Axes. hoses. hose connectors and garden sprinklers. Watering cans and sprinklers. For string trimmer. Cast iron. Silicone, acrylic, foam, glue. Plates, angles. Dowels, screws. 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VOREL, VOREL, vOREL, tool boxes, bags Ego, EGA, eGA, Lifts, VOREL, EGA, hoists Vorel, VOREL, vOREL, elevators Ega, EGA, ega car accessories, VOREL, YATO, EGA, car accessories Vorel, VOREL, vOREL, car accessories Yato, YATO, yATO, car accessories Ega, EGA, and tools for working with glass, VOREL, tools for working with glass Vorel, VOREL, vorel Drills and drill bits, VOREL, EGA, YATO, drills and drill bits, VOREL, VOREL, vorel Drills and drill bits, EGA, EGA, ega drills and drill bits, YATO, YATO, yATO, Crown drills, VOREL, Crown drills, vOREL, Milling cutters, VOREL, EGA, Beast, YATO, milling cutters Worel, VOREL, vOREL, cutter Ega, EGA, eGA, cutters Beast, Beast, beast, cutters Yato, YATO, yATO, Tapping tools, MODECO, VOREL, YATO, tapping tools Modeco, MODECO, mODECO, threading tools Vorel, VOREL, vOREL, tapping tools Yato, YATO, yato Hand saws, saw blade, VOREL, YATO, EGA, FLO, Beast, hand saws, saw blade Vorel, VOREL, vOREL, hand saws, saw blade yato, YATO, Yato Hand saws, saw blade Ega, EGA, eGA, hand saws, saw blade Flo, FLO, fLO, Compression, VOREL, pressure Vorel, VOREL, vOREL, Plane, MODECO, planer Modeco, MODECO, mODECO, Sandpaper and holders, YATO, EGA, VOREL, MODECO, sandpaper and holders Yato, YATO, yATO, sandpaper and holders Ega, EGA, eGA, sandpaper and holders, VOREL, VOREL, vOREL, sandpaper and holders Modeco, MODECO, mODECO, Rotoflex, VOREL, EGA, MODECO, rotoflex Vorel, VOREL, vOREL, rotoflex Ega, EGA, eGA, rotoflex Modeco, MODECO, modeco Galodini, VOREL, galodini Vorel, VOREL, vorel Cutting discs for metal, YATO, LUGA, Cutting discs for concrete, LUGA Ceramic discs for grinding, LUGA, YATO, Discs for sharpening, LUGA, Sheet sanding discs, LUGA, YATO, Diamond cutting discs, Circular saw, Metal brushes, VOREL, YATO, Rope for cleaning the sewer, Beast, Brush brush, VOREL, Buckets, VOREL, Brushes, Hardy, VOREL, Beast, Rollers, trays, Hardy, Beast, Kelle, fillers, VOREL, EGA, Mixers, VOREL, EGA, Guns for sealants, VOREL, YATO, Beast, EGA, Wallpaper knives and scrapers, EGA, VOREL, MODECO, Beast, Tile cutter, VOREL, Pencils, VOREL, YATO, Adhesive tapes, VOREL, Beast, YATO, EGA, Film, VOREL, Gloves, VOREL, YATO, Work clothes, YATO, Boots, Respirators, VOREL, Beast, Goggles, YATO, VOREL, Ear protector, MODECO, Knee guards, VOREL, Measuring tapes, VOREL, EGA, YATO, Beast, Level gauges, steering wheel, VOREL, EGA, Protractors and protractors, VOREL, YATO, Locks, EGA, VOREL, Beast, Blowtorches, gas cylinders, VOREL, Fasteners, VOREL, Lamp, bulbs, VOREL, YATO, Thermometer, bags, covers, berry picker, VOREL, Mouse trap, stake for cattle, chains, Extension cord, VOREL, EGA, Kerr, Shovels, forks, EGA, VOREL, Garden hoe, FLO, Rakes, FLO, Garden tools, YATO, FLO, Pruning-shears, FLO, Beast, the scythe, Brushes and brooms, Beast, VOREL, Wooden poles, FLO, Axes, VOREL, EGA, Beast, hoses, VOREL, FLO, hose connectors and garden sprinklers, YATO, FLO, Watering cans and sprinklers, FLO Cord trimmer, VOREL, Cast iron, Silicone, acrylic, foam, glue, Plates, angles, Dowels, screws, Ltd. Angava, wholesale base in Rezekne.