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Apkure mājai, LTD, Salamandras 1, Rīga LV-1024 : companies :


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  1. 40103828491
  2. LV40103828491
  3. 18.09.2014
  4. 18.09.2014
  5. Lielvārdes šoseja 10 – 2, Upmalas, Mālpils pag., Siguldas nov., LV-2152

About the company

Company Ltd "Apkure mājai" performs construction, repair, renovation, sandblasting, installation and construction works. We sell, install and specialize in home ventilation and heating. We also offer DPF filter cleaning for any type of machine and equipment. Consultations, inspection of the object are free of charge. Experience, quality, reasonable costs. We also offer carpentry work.



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