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  3. 15.10.2019
  4. Mežu iela 49 – 57, Liepāja, LV-3405
  5. 2021


SIA Armsol Metāls was founded in 2019. year. Despite the fact that we are a new company, we have extensive experience in the field of metalworking in the development of a wide variety of products. From ferrous metal constructions to high-rise buildings, railings, balconies, stair constructions, to the creation of aluminum lifeboats for the rescue service, using the latest technologies and solutions in the production process. Our wide range of experience is not limited to the fulfillment of the client's wishes, we are able to offer our vision experience and work together with the client to come to the best technical and financial solution. We work with both large companies and the private sector, and we are open to new partners.



Metal processing.
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