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"ARS buve", Ltd., Duntes 10, Rīga, LV-1013 : companies :

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Piles, pile driving, pile installation in irrigated soil
Pile foundations, drilled piles, pile drilling equipment
Installed piles, pile construction in Riga, piles for home foundations
Reinforced concrete piles, concrete piles, spot piles installation
Professional builders, construction companies, high-quality foundation installation
Pile static testing, pile integrity testing, drilling with minimal vibration
Professional construction and repair services
Reliable construction and repair services


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  3. +371 26386734

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Legal data

  1. 40003539640
  2. LV40003539640
  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV20HABA0551013218914
  5. 02.04.2001
  6. Rīga, Duntes iela 10, LV-1013

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  1. Ēku būvdarbu vadīšana
  2. 4187-R
  3. Aktīvs


Construction company Ltd. ARS būve is licensed, competitive construction company with the highest level work quality and reliable, accurate partner reputation. Our daily life is work in a single specialized sector - pile foundation construction. Construction work includes various kinds of pile installation with a special technique, depending on the soil condition and location of the object. We carry out quality control - pile integrity testing with ultrasound, prospecting reports with cuts and pile static test. Constantly and systematically we devote attention to company's employees training and upskilling. 


Piles, piles Riga, pile foundations, foundation piles, drilled piles
screw pile foundations, piling services, pile driving, pile driving Riga,
pile installer, pile static test, pile static test Riga, pile foundation construction,
pile foundation construction Riga, pile drilling equipment, drilled piles,
beat in piles, pile foundations, pile construction works, pile construction works Riga,
pile foundation creation, pile foundation establishment Riga, reinforced
concrete drilled piles, reinforced concrete piles, reinforced concrete piles Riga,
concrete piles, concrete poles, place drilled piles, site drilled piles construction,
site drilled piles installation, drilled pile construction 300mm,
drilled pile construction 1500mm in depths up to 70m, pile construction,
piling Riga, place piles, DSP piles, FDP piles, VDW piles, FDP pile construction,
pile integrity testing, pile integrity test Riga, zero cycle works,
zero cycle works Riga, geological exploration report, with cuts,
geological exploration report with cuts Riga, pile test with static load,
pile test with static load, Riga, pools, swimming pool installation,
swimming pool construction, support walls, support walls, pile walls,
house foundations, pile installation without bottom removal, piles high bearing capacity,
drilling with minimal vibration, drilling with shell pipes, large
diameter pile construction, hole filling with concrete, double rotor technology,
snails drill, snail drill with shell pipe, weak bottom, irrigated bottom,
separate drilled piles, piles in wall ground, drilling next to buildings,
pile dynamic test, pile ultrasound inspection, pile cracks diagnostics,
pile emptiness, pile defects, bottom inclusions, pile test with ultrasound,
quality, high quality made orders, reliable partner, reliability,
professionalism, required qualification, qualified workforce, quality,
workforce qualification.

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