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  2. LV44103021098
  3. 21.11.2003
  4. Smiltenes nov., Smiltene, Vidzemes iela 5, LV-4729
  5. 2018

BIS.GOV.LV information

  1. Elektroietaišu izbūves darbu vadīšana
  2. Siltumapgādes, ventilācijas un gaisa kondicionēšanas sistēmu būvdarbu vadīšana
  3. Ēku būvdarbu būvuzraudzība
  4. Ēku būvdarbu vadīšana
  5. Ūdensapgādes un kanalizācijas sistēmu būvdarbu vadīšana, ieskaitot ugunsdzēsības sistēmas
  6. 0904-R
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WASHING SYSTEMS, WATER SUPPLY AND CHANNEL NETWORK MUNICIPAL, ELECTRICAL NETWORKS AND CONSTRUCTION WORKS. Consultancy on equipment, material selection. Framing services. Installation of heating systems. Installation of water supply systems. Sewerage system assembly. Power grid assembly works and installation of ventilation system. Construction, repairs. Built-in systems maintenance and service. Plumbing, heating, ventilation materials and electrical materials trading and supply. 


Plumbing, repair works, reconstruction works, insulation works, finishing works.
Metal building assembly. Welding works. Window and door installation.
Facade works. Foundation pit. Territory improvement. Foundation installation.
Floor concreting and laying. Waterproofing of premises. Covering assembly.
Facade insulation. Concreting works. Dismantling works. Wall masonry works.
Roofer works. Finishing works. Painter works. Wallpaper gluing. Plasterboard
installation work. Laminate and parquet installation work. Tiling works.
Plastering works. Fences, stairs. Technical supervision and control.
Measuring and calculation works. Building Estimates. Installation of boilers (solid fuel,
liquid fuel, gas). Heating unit assembly. Internal heat pipes. Water deironing,
softening. Ventilation system assembly. Plumbing assembly. Internal water supply,
sewerage assembly. Installation of rain drainage networks. Fecal
sewerage network assembly. Sewer mounting assembly. Sewage pump station installation.
Purification equipment installation. Water pipe installation. Water
iron removal system installation. Heating lines installation. Drainage systems.
Filter field construction. Heating boilers and their equipment. Radiators.
Water heaters. Filtration, cleaning and collection equipment. Pumps,
compressors. Ventilation tubes and fittings parts. Pressure vessels.
Pipes and connections. Electric materials. Closure fittings. Regulating fittings.
Tools. Irrigation equipment. Instrument rental in Smiltene: Presstanga (hand) 16-25mm,
Hydraulic Press-Strip 16-40mm, PEX / AL / PEX Pressed Pipe Tools,
Tube Melt 16mm - 75mm, Threaded (hand) 1/2 "- 1 1/4", Electric thread
knife 1/2'' - 1 1/4". Electric installation, wiring.