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Asko AS, LTD, Pleikšņi, Saules 30, Ozolaines p., Rēzeknes n., LV-4601 : companies :


  1. +371 64624802


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Legal data

  1. 42403013960
  2. LV42403013960
  3. 20.06.2002
  4. Rēzeknes nov., Ozolaines pag., Pleikšņi, Saules iela 30, LV-4601
  5. 2020


SIA Asko AS is engaged in all types of construction works and construction of engineering systems throughout the Latgale region, the company also performs landscaping and improvement works.



Walls, facades, floors, ceilings, roofs, windows, doors, stairs,
engineering systems, heating, water-pipe and sewerage, wiring up to 20 kvt, insulation, improvement, public and industrial buildings.
Improvement and greening, roof works, materials and coverings,
engineering communication construction, joiner's works, facades, their reconstruction,
restoration, renovation, electric installation, wiring,
concreting works. Waste water and treatment equipment installation,
plumbing installation and repair, heat insulation works and materials,
fire-fighting equipment and materials, water supply and sewerage construction,
low-voltage network design and installation, finishing works,
heating system installation, dismantling works, we work:
In Rezekne, Rezeknes region, In Daugavpils, Daugavpils region, In Kārsava,
In Kārsava district, In Latgale, In Latgales region.