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Aspari, LTD, Carnikava, Mērnieku 4, Carnikavas pagasts, Ādažu nov. LV-2163 : companies :

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Transparent canning lid
Easy Open covers
Innovative packaging
Tin cans
Can lids
Plastic container 540 ml 191mm
Polypropylene bucket 155ml 69mm
Polypropylene dishes 280ml 89x118mm
Tin jar lids
Sprats smoked in oil
Tuna fillet
Gold Silver


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Legal data

  1. 40003794521
  2. LV40003794521
  3. 09.01.2006
  4. 09.01.2006
  5. Mērnieku iela 4, Carnikava, Carnikavas pag., Ādažu nov., LV-2163

Manufacture of packaging

LTD "Aspari" is a packaging manufacturing company. We offered our customers high-quality polypropylene containers for packaging food and non-food products. Different shapes of food containers are available - round, oval and rectangular, as well as various container volumes - from 80 ml to 2000 ml. It is also possible to print dishes according to the sketch sent by the customer. Containers are most commonly used in processing plants and for packaging dairy products such as cream, yogurt or cottage cheese. They were made suitable for packaging food products such as honey or jam. In the category of non-food products, these packages are often used for packaging and storage of various bulk substances.


We offer:

  • Polypropylene dishes
  • Can lids



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