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AT Meter, LTD, Peldu 19, Liepāja LV-3401 : companies :

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Water meter verification, meter servicing in Liepāja
Installation of water meters in Liepāja
Meter servicing in Liepāja
Water meters in Liepaja
Plumbing, water meters, heat meters


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Legal data

  1. 42103019771
  2. LV42103019771
  3. "SEB banka", Liepājas filiāle
  4. LV14UNLA0012009467733
  5. 19.05.1998
  6. 23.04.2004


A stable company with a good reputation, we have been operating for more than 15 years. LTD "AT METER" provides verification, installation and replacement of water and heat meters, as well as sealing of meters. We perform various plumbing works: replacement of pots, sinks, towel dryers, radiators. Counter replacement, installation, plumbing works in Liepāja, changing of toilet bowls, sinks, radiators, towel dryers in Liepaja.


  • Plumbing installation and repair;
  • Water meter installation and replacement;
  • We provide repeated testing of heat meters



As plumbing professionals, we strive to provide a reliable, professional service that meets all your needs.



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