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Atehs, LTD, Baldones 1, Rīga, LV-1007 : companies :

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15 m2 office wagon
2-storey modular building 36 m2
25 m2 builders' wagon
Modular building Latvia
Biosecurity module pass Bauska
Office module Airport
Holiday cottage Kurzeme
Builders' wagon 15 m2
Builders' wagon 25 m2
Builders wagon office 15 m2
Garden house Darzini
Garden office 15m2 Riga
Wooden frame modular building, Riga
Modular office building Latvia
House by the water Latvia
Floating house Kipsala
Portable office module
Movable office module 15m2
Production module building Lielvarde
Plumbing module Iecava
Guard post Riga
Cottage Latvia Dārziņi
Vidzeme store


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  5. Baldones iela 1, Rīga, LV-1007

Modular houses

Small-sized modular buildings as a construction direction in Latvia started relatively recently, however, this modern technology is gradually gaining popularity. The basic idea of houses is to maximally simplify the possibilities of getting a small, neat building without even starting construction. Not everyone can afford to build a substantial family house according to an individual project, such construction takes a lot of time, and in terms of costs, it is not always an acceptable solution. In contrast, modular homes can be built very quickly, anywhere and in any weather, and at an affordable price.



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