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AVAlpina, LTD, Braslas 22, Rīga, LV-1035 : companies :


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  1. 40003947745
  2. LV40003947745
  3. 16.08.2007
  4. Dzelmju iela 14, Baldone, Ķekavas nov., LV-2125
  5. 2021


LTD "AV Alpina" performs all types of industrial mountaineering work at height, serving both small and large companies. Snow removal from the roofs of private houses, office complexes and industrial buildings is also offered.


Industrial climbing, Sawing of dangerous areas, Roof cleaning.
Industrial climbing, industrial climbing, roof cleaning,
roof painting, window washing, works at height, steeplejack works,
facade cleaning with high-pressure, facade painting, industrial building cleaning, bunker cleaning, hangar cleaning, hangar painting,
sand blast, water tower painting, pavement cleaning, drain system cleaning, gutter cleaning, snow cleaning, ice cleaning,
icicle cleaning, repair works, painting, promotional poster installation,
banner installation, frame installation, Installation of Christmas decorations,
tree cutting, branch cutting, international industrial mountaineering certificate IRATA, height works, sertifikāts IRATA,
sertifikāts LEVEL1, sertifikāts LEVEL2, sertifikāts LEVEL3, metal construction cleaning, metal construction painting, roof cleaning from snow,
roof cleaning from icicles, roof cleaning from moss, snow removal from roofs, icicle removal from roofs, moss removal from roofs,
roof repair, roof works.