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Baltic Agro Machinery, LTD, Technical sales and service center in Riga, Tīraines 15, Rīga LV-1058 : companies :
Baltic Agro Machinery, LTD, Technical sales and service center in Riga

Baltic Agro Machinery, LTD, Technical sales and service center in Riga

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Asphalt pavers Atlas Copco Dynapac
KOBELCO Excavator
KOBELCO Excavator
Kubota Mini Excavator
Machinery rental
Road construction machinery Atlas Copco Dynapac
Harvester ponsse ergo 8w4
Harvester ponsse ergo 8w c51
Harvester ponsse fox4
Harvester ponsse fox
Harvester ponsse scorpion 10
Harvester ponsse scorpion 29
Harvesters ponsse bear 8w1
Harvesteri ponsse scorpion 10 forest machinery
Harvesters ponsse beaver2
Harvester head ponsse h62
KOBELCO Excavator
KOBELCO Excavator
KOBELCO Excavator
KOBELCO Excavator
KOBELCO Excavator
KOBELCO Excavator
KOBELCO Excavator
KOBELCO Excavator
Konekesko field service
Konekesko Jelgava store
Kubota Mini Excavator
Kubota Mini Excavator
Kubota RTV900 conveyors
Agricultural machinery service in Konekesko
Wood splitters Hakki Pilke Easy 501
Wood splitter Hakki Pilke OH 27
Logging equipment Harvester ponsse ergo 6w4
Ponsse harvarderi forest machinery
Muthing Ditch Shredder Mower
KOBELCO excavators
Soil compactors, Dynapac
Forestry and logging machinery
Agriculture equipment


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  5. +371 27897892
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  7. +371 28378234


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LTD "Baltic Agro Machinery" engages in the sale of agricultural, construction, utility, logging and agricultural machinery, providing full service in all regions of Latvia. Our specialists are experienced and will help you find the best solution!



Kubota, Grove, KOBELCO construction machinery - new and used: lift-trucks, bulldozers, mobile cranes, crawler excavators, wheel excavators, mini excavators, excavators - loaders, graders, mini dumpers. Construction machinery, special equipment, excavator, loader, bulldozer, grader, autocrane, crane. Communal equipment: tractors, lawn mowers. MUTHING lawn mowers PONSSE forestry equipment - harvesters, forwarders, excavators with harvester head, harwarders. Forest machinery new and used. PONSE. Forest machinery. KUBOTA utilities and territory cleaners - minitractors, self-propelled mowers, KUBOTA wheel loaders, mini excavators, telescopic loaders. STILL loaders. ATLAS COPCO, DYNAPAC road construction machinery - road rollers, asphalt milling machines, asphalt paving machinery, asphalt material feeders antiseggraphy equipment. Small wheel asphalt pavers.
Two-roller vibro roll, combined asphalt roller, road-roller, static roller. DYNAPAC compact asphalt cutters. Trade, service, spare parts. Guarantee service. Road construction machinery, construction machinery rental, rent. Asphalt paver rental. GENERAL BREAKER hydraulic excavators for excavators. NPK hydraulic hammers, vibro rammers, crushers. We also offer construction equipment rental, Agricultural, construction, utility and logging equipment service, spare parts. Cropper harvesters. Crop harvesters. Grain combines: Claas. Agriculture equipment, Agriculture equipment. Agricultural machinery trade. Agricultural machinery spare parts trade. Agriculture: Tractor CLAAS ARION. Plows: Lemken. Seeding-machine. Lawn mowers. Round balers, bale wrappers. Sprayers, ( sprayer) . Mineral fertilizer spreader, ( spreaders) . The offer of SIA Baltic Agro Machinery Latvija includes: Agricultural machinery - new and used: grain combines, tractors, soil processing machines, seeding-machine, sprayers, mineral fertilizer spreaders, plows, cultivators, disc harrows, trailers, forage preparation machinery, Claas, Lemken, Bogballe, . forklifts, equipment for uncultivated area and ditch care. Lawn mowers, presses, swathers, spreaders, trailers, trailers, self-propelled choppers. . Agricultural machinery spare parts their spare parts. Claas original spare parts. Mobil oils and lubricants, their trade. original spare parts. Lemken plough original and other plough alternative spare parts. BREDAL lime disperser. BREDAL fertilizer spreader. Bondioli cardan transmission, crosses, clutch discs. RANI six fold rolls of fodder rolls. Alternative agricultural machinery spare parts. Spare parts for lawn mowers, for sowing machines and other aggregates. Cheaper spare parts for agricultural machinery. Filters for tractors and other agricultural machinery. Accessories for agricultural machinery. Cardans "Bondioli & Pavesi" and their spare parts. Vacuum pumps, moisture meter, water pumps. Accumulators, fuel pumps and their accessories. Agricultural machinery scale models, their trade. Baltic Agro Machinery also offers agricultural machinery spare parts and service. Agricultural machinery service, repair, maintenance. Post-warranty service. Depending on the situation and complexity and amount of the repair we carry out repair works both at client's place, and in company's workshops. We carry out maintenance, as well as transmission, hydraulics, motor, electronics diagnostics and repairs. In order to solve electronics, which is now a standard in any machinery, problems, mechanics are equipped with equipment and software, that is able to diagnose, calibration and programming for any of the equipment represented by SIA Baltic Agro Machinery. Baler, self-loading trailer cutter knife sharpening with sharpening machine CLAAS Aqua Non-Stop. Tractor power determination with power stand, tape roll baler tape repair. We equip tractors with Tietjen pneumatic trailer brake systems, He-Va for front suspensions and power take off shafts, for frontloaders etc. General breaker hydraulic amplifiers for excavators, Muting Ditch Shredder. Konekesko Latvija. Construction equipment rental, Road construction equipment, Excavators, Forest equipment, Forestry machinery, Warehouse equipment.