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Baltic Color, LTD, powder painting, shot blasting, sand blast, Ledurgas 3 (Mangaļi, Sarkandaugava, Mezaparks), Riga, LV-1034 : companies :
Baltic Color, LTD, powder painting, shot blasting, sand blast

Baltic Color, LTD, powder painting, shot blasting, sand blast

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Bulky detail painting, powder painting
Car wheel powder painting
Powder painting, metal surface treatment
Anti-corrosion powder coating
Powder paint for sale, powder paint Consus
Galvanized parts painting, painting with zinc powder, galvanizing with powder zinc
Powder painting, sandblast, shot blasting
Pre-treatment of painting surfaces, surface anti-corrosion treatment, anti-corrosion treatment
Powder painting, priming painting of non-standard parts up to 700 kg
Powder coating fences, stairs, roofs, windows, doors, part, bicycle and moto parts, office furniture, ventilation
Sand blast, shot blasting
Powder coating of aluminum, aluminum profiles painting, stairs, light poles, bridge, pipes, office furniture, advertising stands
Powder painting, sandblast, sand blast, shot blasting


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SIA “BALTIC COLOR”( BCW) is a team of professionals with twenty years of experience in the Latvian and European markets, performing powder coating and shot blasting services, offers: Powder coating of metal products in 2 lines - TAISS Italy. 1. Automatic powder line 1500x900x9500 mm( 3,000 mm) ( aug.xplat.x gar) . 2. Oversized line 3000x2700x5400 mm( aug.xplat.xgar) . Weight up to 700 kg. 3. On-line treatment with chemical anti-corrosion metal surface protection. 4. Efficient cleaning of parts by shot blasting. The workshop is equipped: 1. With the professional painting equipment of the Italian TAISS company. 2. With Italian professional chemical metal surface anti-corrosion protection line - TAISS Italy. 3. With professional spray guns - Gema - Switzerland. 4. Professional equipment Clemco - metal shot blasting.


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Pre-treatment of painting surfaces, surface anti-corrosion treatment,
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Long lasting, persistent powder coating. Adhesion, gloss level,
thickness test, polymerization furnace, Welding, welding works,
Painting with polyurethane and heat-resistant paints.