"Baltijas Celdaris", Ltd., paving, management, improvement works

"Baltijas Celdaris", Ltd., paving, management, improvement works


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  4. 2018
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"Baltijas Ceļdaris" is a road construction company, which started employing the best road construction professionals that have gained their work experience while working in the leading road construction companies in Latvia. Baltijas Ceļdaris specializes in paving and asphalting of roads, streets, squares, as well as improvement and cleaning of areas, building sites and private yards. By choosing our services, you choose an individual approach as well as a creative and qualitative solution for your intentions and desires. Our client is our advertisement! 


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gājēju celiņa projektēšana, gājēju celiņa ieklāšana, gājēju
celiņa bruģēšana, track paving, celiņu izveidošana, creation,
paving, pavement, territory, territory improvement, management, territory management,
cobblestone, cobblestone paving, seguma klāšana, laying, granite cobbles,
concrete pavement, clinker pavement, betona bruģa plāksnes, granīta
plākšņu ieklāšana, skaldīta granīta seguma ieklāšana, klinkera
segumu ieklāšana, pavement washing, piebraucamo ceļu veidošana,
piebraucamo ceļu ieklāšana, piebraucamo ceļu projektēšana,
trotuāru izveidei, trotuāru projektēšana, parking paving, asphalt paving,
autostāvvietu asfaltēšana, asphalt-paving works, road construction,
street construction, ietvju būve, square construction, laukuma izbūve,
children's playground construction, repair, improvement, high asphalt,
cold asphalt, ceļu trotuāru izveidošana, mazo dārza apmalīšu izveidošana,
ceļu trotuāru remonts, hole repair, hole mending, sidewalk repair,
trotuāru tīrīšana no sniega, trotuāru attīrīšana no sniega,
car park cleaning, area maintenance, maintenance, in winter, during winter,
salt spreading, EKO sāls, Calcium chloride, sāls kaisīšanas pakalpojumi,
snow cleaning, snow removal, territory cleaning from snow, road cleaning from snow,
roof cleaning from snow, sand spreading, lawn mowing, leaf collection,
leaf raking, removal of leaves, lawn mowing, lawn creation, grass mowing,
territory management, collection of leaves, gardener services, flower bed planting,
puķu dobju ravēšana, garden reconstruction, jaunu dārzu ierīkošana,
dārza ierīkošana pie jaunbūvēm, amensdārzu iekārtošana, akmens dārzu sakopšana,
akmens dārzu uzturēšana, dārzu sakopšana, maintenance of gardens,
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