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BaltMetExport, LTD, Rencēnu 8, Rīga, LV-1073 : companies :

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  5. Rencēnu iela 8, Rīga, LV-1073


"BaltMetExport" is a reliable supplier of steel reinforcement for the Baltic and Scandinavian regions. With years of experience in the industry, we supply high-quality steel reinforcement products that meet the stringent standards of construction projects in the region.

  • Our wide range of steel reinforcement solutions meet a variety of construction needs including residential, commercial and industrial projects.
  • We offer rebars, their lengthening and bending, rebar frames, screens, mats, bar connection systems, rebar spacers, as well as detailing services, tn. preparation of armature specification from drawings for production; also metal sheets and pipes.


Manufacture of fittings

  • Reinforcement bars;
  • Fabricated and bent fittings;
  • Armature meshes;
  • Armature frameworks;
  • Reinforcement mats;
  • Armature spacers;
  • Armature wholesale;
  • Metal sheets, square tubes.



Armature, Reinforcement mesh.

Straight armature, folded fittings, reinforcement mesh, steel, spacers, armature spacers, manufacture of fittings, lengthening and bending of reinforcement, welded frames, production of rebar frames, manufacture of reinforcement mats, carpet "spinmaster" system, reinforcement bars, armature export, reinforcement in rolls and bars, welded fittings, armature wholesale, armature drawings, metal processing and production of metal products, metal sheets, metal pipes, square pipes, metal profiles, metal articles, metal, metal trade, Armature factory in Latvia, In Jelgava.