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Balza, LTD, "Priedes" , Pelču pagasts, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3322 : companies :

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Sawn timber
Sawn timber
Sawn timber
Pellets, fuel
Pellets, fuel
Sawn timber
Sawn timber
Sawn timber


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Legal data

  1. 41203014061
  2. LV41203014061
  3. 18.01.2007
  4. "Priedes", Pelču pag., Kuldīgas nov., LV-3322
  5. 2021


Company "Balza" has been active in the wood processing industry for more than 20 years. We offer the production of wood pellets. Sawing, drying, planing, gluing. Manufacture of glued beams( length cultivation) . Joinery - execution of furniture, stairs and other solutions from wood. We serve customers with large orders( wholesale) .


Woodworking, Balza, pellets, production, trade, wholesale.
TreesWood sawing, sawing, planing, gluing. Manufacture of glued beams,
length cultivation of timber, joinery works, carpenter services,
joiner's works, furniture manufacturing, production, furniture, stairs,
doors, exterior doors, interior doors, fuel, wood chips, wood particle pellets,
chip, shingles, finishing materials, boards, skirting boards, beams, floor boards,
floor board production. Glued constructions. Purchase of saw logs,
sawmill, construction beams, laths, theater laths, plates,
window beams, purchase of round timber, pellet ordering, wholesale,
trade, retail.