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Bevel Gear, SIA, Dreiliņi, Smaidu 12a, Stopiņu pagasts, Ropažu nov., LV-2130 : companies :

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Cogwheel, cogwheel manufacturing, production
Cogwheel, cogwheel manufacturing, production
Gear assembly, adjustment services
Gear assembly, adjustment services
Gear design, production
Gear design, production
Gear series production
Gear series production


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  3. 20.01.2012
  4. Salacas iela 23 – 52, Rīga, LV-1019
  5. 2021


SIA "Bevel Gear" is a company specializing in a narrow and specific metalworking industry - design and manufacture of conical and hypoid helical gears, production. Unlike large manufacturers, our activities are mainly focused and tailored to individual orders, from a single set of gears to the production of dozens of copies. Gears are used as an alternative to original spare parts for agricultural machinery and implements, various types of industrial equipment, machine tools, tractors and forestry machinery, where bevel gears and, in some cases, bevel gears are used. Gear manufacturing technology is based on the German company Klingelnberg, which is the world's leading leader in the industry. Gears are made for Klingelnberg - Oerlikon machine tools manufactured in Germany and Switzerland. The calculation is performed individually for specific copies and for each order.


Cogwheel. Cogwheel manufacturing, production. Bevel gears, conical spiral gears. Conical hypoid gears. Zerol gearing gears, ( spiral teeth) . Neorthogonal spiral gears. Gear design. Individual projects. Gear assembly, alignment. Mounting, adjustment services. Gear series production. Gears for agricultural machinery and implements, for tractors, for forestry machinery, production lines, for cars and trucks. Gears for woodworking and metalworking machine tool mechanisms, industrial reducers, boat engines, for engines. Gears for vehicle bridges, For industrial equipment. Fodder mixer reducer gears. Tractor front axle hypoid gear. Frontloader front axle gears. Hay tedder drive sprockets, balers gear blanks. Metalworking milling spindel drive gear sets. Individual project realization, gear order manufacturing.