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Biant, LTD, Mārupe, Ozolkalnu 11, Mārupes p., Mārupes n., LV-2167 : companies :

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Heating systems, installation, heat supply, air heating systems, heating system design
Cooling equipment, cooling systems, installation and maintenance of cooling systems
Automation, automation systems, access control systems
Cooling equipment, air microclimate, energy-saving equipment, energy efficiency improvement
Conditioning systems, ventilation systems, ventilation installation, ventilation system design
Ventilation outlets, installation of ventilation ducts, HVAC systems


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Legal data

  1. 40103091953
  2. LV40103091953
  3. 30.04.1993
  4. Mārupes nov., Mārupes pag., Mārupe, Ozolkalnu iela 11, LV-2167
  5. 2020


The company "Biant" was founded in 1993 and during its operation has become one of the leading HVAC system construction companies in Latvia. Our company offers competent HVAC project management in public and industrial facilities, providing conceptual building air conditioning solutions, ventilation system design, refrigeration equipment supply, air conditioning system installation, refrigeration equipment regulation and maintenance throughout the life of these systems. Our service employs highly qualified specialists, therefore we are ready to implement the most complex projects, using modern and energy-saving technologies. From the moment of installation of HVAC systems, our service staff ensures the warranty and service of these systems throughout the territory of Latvia. This allows our customers to gain confidence in the quality and reliability of system performance throughout their lifecycle.


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ventilation systems, ventilation system, ventilation system installation,
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