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BK Grupa, LTD, Logging, "Pēterupe BK" , Sējas pagasts, Saulkrastu nov. LV-2162 : companies :

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Haulage services
Professional logging services throughout Latvia
Dangerous tree cutting
Quality forestry work
Logging services
Excavator services
Bk Group Certificate of Excellent Solvency
Excavator services
Sand quarry


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Legal data

  1. 40103481605
  2. LV40103481605
  3. Siguldas nov., Krimuldas pag., "Klāviņi", LV-2144
  4. 2020
  5. 1

Description of the company

"BK GROUP" performs logging, felling. Provides harvester and forwarder services. Excavator services. Buy forests, felling areas. buys, buys forests, forest fellings, and forest properties throughout Latvia! Dump truck services, construction equipment services, construction waste removal, black earth, gravel, sand delivery, trade. We work in Vidzeme, Latgale, Zemgale, Kurzeme www. mezizstradebkgrupa. lv.

We buy - Cutting and partially felled forests, forests, forest properties, felling areas.

For sale - sifted black earth, sand.


Purchase of forests and felling areas

"BK GRUPA" deals with the purchase of felling areas and forest lands throughout Latvia! Property valuation and document preparation. Breastfeeding Stolen Taxi Measurement.


Forest purchase, Purchase of forests. Logging. Logging services.
Forests, qualitative logging works, forestry, forestry works.
Harvester and forwarding services, tiber hauler services, timber hauler.
Excavator services. Felling removal. Forestry machinery.
Special equipment services. Heavy trailer services, Excavator service for leveling and forest road repair, assimilate the roads.
Construction site preparation. Building plots, creation. Construction.
Debris removal, area cleaning, forest roads and access road construction,
construction and grading. Digging a lode. Dig a ditch.
Pond digging. Snow cleaning and removal. Dump truck services( 8 m3, 12 m3) dump truck( 8 m3, 12 m3, 18 m3) debris removal, construction equipment, construction machinery services, black earth, sand,
gravel, delivery, trade. Appraisal of forest property, locating,
tree measurements. Purchase of forest property. Rural Property Purchase.
Purchase of felling areas, forest, owned forests. Development of felling areas and forests.
Felling area sale. Purchase of felling areas and forest lands. Division of property,
purchase of forests with burden, pledged forests, development rights.
Forest taxation, forest inventory, forest assessment, evaluation,
tree measurements, taxation. Property valuation and document preparation.
Young stand care. Purchase of wood. We prepare materials for chipping.
Stitching, tree measurements services. preparation of property for cutting.
Preparation of felling sites, tree cutting, sawing works, tree cutting,
dangerous tree cutting, hooked, fallen tree cutting, bush cutting.
Sawer services. Undergrowth, brushwood, shrubs, horizon. Logging,
forests and felling areas, forest valuation and taxation,
inventory in Smiltene, In Aluksne, In Balvi, In Cesis, In Valmiera,
In Madona, In Gulbene, In Strenči, In Vidzeme, In Valka, In Aluksne, In Jekabpils,
In Valmiera, In Vidzeme, In Aizpute, Aknīste, In Auce, In Cesvaine, Līgatne,
In Livani, In Sigulda, In Krimulda, In Limbazi, Salacgrīva, Staicele.
Trailer loading services, trailer services, sand, gravel,
sale of black land, freight transport services, tipper transport services, tiber hauler services, Sand quarry, Sand mining, sand, sand with delivery, sand delivery, supplies sand,
trade. Road, road, highway, field, for the construction of squares, we supply sand throughout Latvia. "Birch kangaroos" .