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Weights rental
Industrial scales
Container scales
Medical scales
Moisture analyzer
RADWAG terminal
Bar scales
Weight sensors
Scale production
Scaling equipment
Scale repair
Car scales
Car scales
Car scales
Car scales
Car scales
Car axle scales
Scales in the front lift
Bar scales
Cattle scales
Platform scales
Platform scales
Weight totalizer


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Scales and weighing systems for professionals. For those who research, manufacture, process, transport and trade. For all professionals who need to know exactly how many milligrams or tens of tons are on the weighing platform. We are ready to design and manufacture unique weight measuring devices, just for you, as well as sell popular and widely demanded models of scales from our store warehouse. Maybe what you need can be found in one of the scales production catalogs of cooperation partners - we will bring the necessary scales or components of scales according to your order in the shortest possible time.



  • Car scales
  • Weight components
  • Industrial scales
  • Table scales
  • Mobile scales
  • Medical scales
  • Laboratory scales
  • Floor scales



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