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BoGeM & Co, LTD, Skandu 10, Rīga, LV-1067 : companies :

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4000 aluplast
7000 base plastic Ideal
Exterior doors with showcase
Exterior doors
Swimming pool
HST system
Lāčplēša street
Prefabricated construction
Sports gym
Partition wall
Double glazed windows
Wital Prestige Therm Light


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  2. LV40003657384
  3. 15.12.2003
  4. Jūrmalas gatve 101 – 40, Rīga, LV-1029
  5. 2021

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LTD "BoGeM & Co" Has been operating in the Latvian market since 2003. specializing in the production and installation of PVC windows and doors, as well as offering a variety of assembly technologies, from simple, accelerated assembly systems to warm assembly technologies developed in the Nordic countries. We use only proven best companies - "Aluplast", "Wital", "Siegenia", "Maco", "Roto", "SOUDAL" - materials and equipment. Our advantage is the high quality of the product and services offered, as well as low prices. We offer all types of glass packages, we use tinted, frosted, decorative, laminated triplex film, tempered glass, as well as stained glass packages in various combinations according to the customer's needs. We produce constructions of various geometric shapes: triangles, trapezoids, polygons, curved and round windows.



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