"Bora NC", Ltd., Construction machinery, Tool rental, Trade

"Bora NC", Ltd., Construction machinery, Tool rental, Trade


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Ltd. "Bora NC" deals with repair and sale of construction machinery and construction equipment. The company also offers rental, trade and repair of tools and power tools. The company provides its services throughout Latvia. 


Construction machinery, construction tools, electric tools, sale
of construction machinery, construction equipment rental, construction machinery repair,
trade of electric tools, power tool rental, power tool repair, vibro plates,
parquet grinding machines, aluminium towers, stairs, concrete mixers,
aerators, aerator, garden equipment, moisture collectors, electric heaters,
rammer, vibro-rammer, tools, power tools, heater, gas, perforator,
drill, jackhammer, aluminium tower, aluminium scaffolding, grinder,
sander for parquet, concrete vibrator pump, moisture collector, vibroleg,
vacuum cleaner, washer, high pressure washer, saw, trimer, brushcutter,
gasoline saw, circular saw, jig saw, laser leveler, leveller, optical leveler,
tape sanders, generator, tile cutter, cutters, grinder for concrete,
plane, concrete cutter, asphalt cutter, chain saw, ground drill,
drill bits for concrete, hollow core bit, mixer, concrete mixer,
plasterboard lift, soldering iron for pipes, hairdryer, construction machinery rental,
tool rental, construction machinery rental, construction machinery rental,
construction machines, construction equipment, trade, service, instrument and tool trade,
construction, construction machinery tools for rent, tool rental,
equipment rental, concrete mixer rental, depth vibrators, grinders for fresh concrete,
grinders for hard concrete, screeds, wood polishing machines, angle polishing machines,
grinders, welding equipment, concrete heaters, diesel heaters, gas heaters,
moisture separators, cleaning equipment, air compressors, perforators,
drilling machines, screwdrivers, garden equipment, mounting equipment,
pumps, saws, electrical equipment, lighting equipment, generators,
aluminium towers, aluminium stairs, soil compaction equipment, measuring apparatuses,
machinery rental, construction equipment rental, tool repair BOSCH,
Skil, Dremel, Makita, REBIR, power tool supplies, power tool accessories,
BOSCH, Skill, Belle, SHATAL, Dynapac, trench rammers Belle, Enar & Co,
Altrex, BOSH, ZARGES, heat fans, gas heat fans, electric heat fans,
diesel heat fans, Master, Kroll, Kroll chains, electric chainsaws,
brushcutters, ground drills, STIHL, power tool service, pneumatic tool repair,
pneumatic tools service, sale of pneumatic tools, compressor repair,
compressor sale, compressor service, Makita service, Makita trade,
Makita shop, Makita repair, Makita spare parts, Bosch power tool repair,
Bosch power tool service, Bosch power tool trade, repair of chainsaws,
chain saw service, trimmer repair, trimmer service, soil compacting service,
rammer repair, garden tiller repair, tillers sale, motoblock, motordrives,
rider repair, rider service, rider sale, lawn mower repair, mower service,
lawn mower repair, lawn mower, snow blower service, snow blower sale,
chainsaw chains, professional garden equipment, professional park equipment,
garden machinery spare parts, forest machinery spare parts, spare parts for trimmers,
spare parts for chain saws, spare parts for lawn mowers.

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