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Brikers Latvija, SIA, Rīgas birojs, Granīta 13, Rīga LV-1057 : companies :
Brikers Latvija, SIA, Rīgas birojs

Brikers Latvija, SIA, Rīgas birojs


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  1. 40003906041
  2. 12.03.2007
  3. 12.03.2007
  4. Granīta iela 13, Rīga, LV-1057
  5. 2022
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About the company

LTD "Brickers Latvia" is the largest manufacturer of paving stones, curbs, landscaping elements and other concrete products in Latvia. LTD "Brickers Latvia" offers the widest range of products, offering not only gray and economical paving, but also colorful and exclusive paving. Our pavements are widely used by both municipalities and major construction companies. A wide offer also for private individuals.

It is in our nature to realize as well as to be realized - for us, pavement is a creative stone, so we bring to the market opportunities that have never existed in Latvia. Already in its beginnings in 2008. in 2016 we introduced Retro finish paving and Colourmix coloring, then Comfort outline, and over the years we keep diversifying paving shapes, including triangles and hexagons, and we also have special borders - colored.



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