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The company is engaged in infrastructure design and construction supervision. We offer roads, streets, squares, sports stadiums, rain and sewerage systems, water supply, power supply design and construction supervision and consultations. 


Road, street, field, yard, park, sports fields, playground, playground,
stadium, engineering network, communication, water-pipe, sewerage,
rain sewerage, asphalt, gravel, mineral cover, landscape architecture,
playgrounds, environmental objects, green projects, landscape improvement,
environment, landscape, engineering structure, indoor plank, territory,
transport engineer, road design firm, licensed design organization,
certified Individual, construction merchant, technical project, traffic
organisation scheme, cross profile, long profile, national road,
regional motorway, municipal road, bridge, culvert, landfill,
recultivation, traffic lights, crossroads rebuild, crossings reconstruction,
circular crossroads, rotary circle, main road, main street, main pipeline,
connection, supply, exit, exit, construction project, project, traffic organization,
supervision, author supervision, development, feasibility study,
analysis, TEP, consultations, expertise, traffic volume tracking,
construction supervision, improvement, cost estimates, mineral deposits,
certified engineers, certified engineers, transport building mechanical engineering,
infrastructure object design, environmental infrastructure objects,
water and sewerage design, water supply and drainage construction,
water-pipe and sewerage, reconstruction of water supply and sewerage,
water supply and sewerage renovation, water pipe and sewerage rebuilding,
sewerage, sewerage construction, sewerage systems, roads, road design,
road projects, roads, road projects, road designing, road design,
road and bridge designing, road and bridge projects, street design,
crossovers, overpass design, crossovers projects, overpasses designing,
overpasses design, road reconstruction, street reconstruction, area reconstruction,
bridge reconstruction, overpasses reconstruction, road rebuilding,
street redevelopment, area redevelopment, road renewal, street renewal,
field renewal, reconstruction of the pavement, rebuilding the pavement,
repaving, asphalt reconstruction, asphalt rebuilding, asphalt restoration,
gravel path, gravel pavement, fields, square designing, area projects,
transport building infrastructure, transportation Engineering, transport
building engineers, transport building engineering, transport building projects,
engineering communications, engineering communication design, utilities projects,
water supply and drainage design, water and sewerage, water supply,
water-supply systems, street construction supervision, road construction supervision,
bridge construction supervision, infrastructure object projects,
infrastructure objects, project development, project management,
advising on infrastructure objects implementation, infrastructure
objects construction supervision and project management, infrastructure
objects construction supervision, infrastructure objects project management,
advisory services, advice on project implementation, building projects,
construction design, underground communication, communications engineering,
architectural and engineering services, territory improvement.

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