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Centrometal, LTD, Upeslejas, Skolas 2-29, Stopiņu pagasts, Ropažu nov., LV-2118 : companies :

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Heating equipment for industrial buildings
Heating fireplaces and boilers for apartments and private houses
Bio Tec pyrolysis wood heating boilers
Individual and industrial heating systems
Individual and industrial heating systems
Individual and industrial heating systems
Solid fuel boilers
Electric boilers
Pellet heating boilers
Pellet boilers
Gas and diesel fuel boilers
Combined boilers CentroPlus
Container type boiler houses EKO CKK
Container type boiler houses
Wood chip boilers EKO CKS Multi Plus


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  3. 06.02.2020
  4. 06.02.2020
  5. Skolas iela 2 – 29, Upeslejas, Stopiņu pag., Ropažu nov., LV-2118


"Centrometal" - individual and industrial heating systems. Company "Centrometal" is an international manufacturer of industrial and private heating equipment and systems with more than 50 years of experience in this field. "Centrometal" offers individual solutions for efficient systems with a capacity of 1.5 to 5000 kW for all applications and all heat users.



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