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CEWOOD produces high quality wood shaving plates (fibrolite). In production we use modern equipment, only ecological raw materials (wood shavings, premium cement, water) and more than 50 years of experience. Plates have a wide range of applications, most often in wall and ceiling finishes, as they improve the acoustics of the room by absorbing sound, and provide thermal insulation, fire resistance and design. CEWOOD plates are also used in structural construction such as walls, ceilings and openings, facade insulation, finishing and timber frame buildings. CEWOOD is the only manufacturer of fibrolite or cemented particle plates in Latvia and the Baltics. 


Construction materials, insulation, heat insulation. Fibrolite, heat
insulation materials, building panels, slabs, suspended ceilings,
acoustic ceiling, ceiling plates, plates, decorative ceiling, roof insulation,
insulation materials, foundation insulation, remaining formwork,
wood shavings plates, sound-proofing, sound absorption, constructive plates,
packaging materials, wall finishing materials, wall panels.

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