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City Climber Latvia, LTD, Rīga : companies :
City Climber Latvia, LTD

City Climber Latvia, LTD

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Snow and ice removal from roofs and eaves
Height works
Facade painting at height
Original gift giving through a window
Steeplejack services
Complex work at height and in hard-to-reach places
Facade works at height
Glass wall washing at height
Height washing of glass structures
Window washing in high altitude
Industrial climbing
All types of assembly and construction works at height
Roof cleaning
Industrial climbing


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Working time

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  • Mon800-2000
  • Tue800-2000
  • Wed800-2000
  • Thu800-2000
  • Fri800-2000
  • Sat-

Legal data

  1. 43603081333
  2. LV43603081333
  3. 03.04.2018
  4. 03.04.2018
  5. Sudrabu Edžus iela 2 – 54, Jelgava, LV-3001


The company offers a wide range of work to be performed with industrial mountaineering methods - window, facade, roof and gutter cleaning works, all types of assembly and construction work at height.



Clean-up services

  • Washing of windows and glass structures
  • Facade cleaning works
  • Cleaning of roofs, eaves, drainage systems
  • Cleaning of roofs and eaves from snow and icicles

Industrial mountaineering in construction

  • Sealing of joints between the panels
  • Painting facades of buildings, hangars, towers
  • Facade plastering and insulation works
  • Change of roof and hangar covering, repair works, drainage system assembly and dismantling works
  • Other renovation and repair works at height

Other work at height



Industrial climbing, Industrial climbing, Roof cleaning, Work at height, Construction work at height.
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facade works, facade insulation, facade painting, facade crack and seam sealing, facade cleaning with high-pressure,
window washing, glass wall, glass construction cleaning,
snow and ice removal from roofs and eaves, icicle cleaning,
roof de-icing, outdoor advertisement, assembly of advertising posters,
installation of outdoor advertising, disassembly and repair, large format poster,
banner installation, removal, frame installation, luminous letter installation,
installation of Christmas decorations, building decoration installation,
original gift giving through a window, amazing island father arrival through the window, using mountaineering equipment and climbing ropes,
non-standard, difficult work at high altitudes and in hard-to-reach places,
in hard-to-reach places.